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The Campaigns Resource Centre (CRC) offers a wide range of resources that can help you to motivate and support millions of people across England to make and sustain changes that will improve their health.

CRC campaigns and social marketing can help to bring about positive changes in the public's behaviour with regard to smoking, diet, exercise and many other lifestyle behaviours.

Who we are

The Campaign Resource Centre is part of the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID). OHID focus on improving the nation's health so that everyone can expect to live more of their life in good health.

We want to help create a world in which everyone is engaged with their health, in an environment that is increasingly conducive to healthy living, supported by the NHS, schools, charities, retailers, the media and other trusted organisations.

We are 5,000 dedicated professionals, mainly scientists, researchers and public health specialists.

We have 8 local centres, plus an integrated region and centre for London, and 4 regions (north of England, south of England, Midlands and east of England, and London).

How we work

Our approach involves:

  • encouraging discussions, advising government, both national and local supporting action by the NHS and other people and organisations
  • supporting the public so they can protect and improve their own health. Protecting the nation’s health through the national health protection service, and preparing for public health emergencies
  • sharing our information and expertise with local authorities, industry and the NHS, to help them make improvements in the public's health
  • researching, collecting and analysing data to improve our understanding of health and come up with answers to public health problems
  • reporting on improvements in the public’s health so everyone can understand the challenge and the next steps
  • helping local authorities and the NHS to develop the public health system and its specialist workforce

What guides us

Our strategy is organised around 5 principles that describe how we will work and 3 broad life-stages that describe what we will deliver.

We are locally driven

Local government is the engine of public health. Our key client is local government and our role is to support them to deliver their local public health objectives. We will introduce a range of new mechanisms that support local government to plan and deliver their marketing programmes.

We prototype, learn and refine

As a scientific organisation, we will be guided by the best available evidence, evaluate all our activities with rigour and transparency, and always prototype our work before committing to national delivery.

We will create more innovative content

Over the course of this strategy we will deliver more agile, more interactive, more frequent, lower-cost content using a broader range of methodologies and partners that drive change for more specific target audiences.

We will provide "on-demand" digital public health

In addition to capitalising on the communications revolution to create richer and more agile marketing programmes we are investing in "on-demand" digital public health. Over the course of the strategy [PHE] will become a world leader in digital public health.

We only ever work in partnership

We will never deliver a campaign unless it is part of and actively supported by a broader range of partners with their own experience, local knowledge, expertise, channels, and capacity that we do not have.

By working together with more and more of those individual and organisational partners who have an interest in improving health we will ensure broader engagement, higher cut-through, better value for money and better results.

Our partnerships

By working together, we'll make a bigger difference to the health of the nation. We work with 214 national and 70,000 local partners, from industry and NGOs to local authorities and the NHS. By working in partnership, we can share expertise, insights and case studies.

We also work with national partners to co-create campaigns, for example our Better Health "10 Minute Shake Up" with Disney encourages kids to get active.

Last updated: 3 May 2022